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About William Fox Elementary

Built & Established

William Fox Elementary School opened in 1911. William Fox Elementary School opened at 2300 Hanover Avenue  in 1911.The school is named after William F. Fox, who was a staunch supporter of free public education for all children and was the first Superintendent of Richmond Public Schools. This three floor historic building with its high ceilings and hardwood floors served as an elementary school for 111 years before it was destroyed by a catastrophic fire in February, 2022.   Our school is now open at the former Clark Springs Elementary School at 1101 Dance Street while we undergo the rebuilding process.  We will eventually move back to a new and improved building at 2300 Hanover Avenue.  In the meantime, we are William Fox Elementary @ Clark Springs! #FoxIsLove

Mascot: A Fox 

Our mascot is represented as the “Foxberry,”  an image of a Fox on a Strawberry. The strawberry refers to Strawberry Street that borders our Hanover Avenue location to the east in Richmond's Historic Fan District. 

School Colors

Red & White